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"From Mummies to T-shirts: The History of Cats"

- a humorous look at - yes, you guessed it; THE HISTORY OF CATS! Written by yours truly, Martine Carlsen

"Useful Advice For Cats: How To Care For Your Human"

- another humorous cat article by moi, very much inspired by my own two cats, Sonny and Cher. Read it and you'll see why. And how!

Vertical wall calendar - Cats Rule

Vertical wall calendar:

Cats rule! And here are 13 cat pictures that prove my - and the little gray kitten's - point.

You can also find these designs on lots of other items; white t-shirts, black t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, caps, bags, mousepads, coffee mugs, greeting cards, stickers and magnets.

A few words on each cat design:

The calendar is named after this design. I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for this calendar anyway.

Ernest Hemingway said "One cat just leads to another" and ain't that the truth. And he really knew what he was talking about.

But one cat can lead to more that just A-nother : ) Hemingway didn't say that - I did. But I'm sure he would agree. He had much more than one and another cat.

It seems that this cool cat has his very own recipe for a "Catmopolitan", and it seems that he has had more than a few already. Party on, Cool Cat!

"I'm not fat! I'm just heavily built!" says this cat. He may not meet the standards of a cat super model, but he IS cute! And he's got a wonderful personality. Or is that "cat-ality"?

LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE - "HELL, NO!" Just like a cat! No respect for anything or anybody. I think this courageous cat is about to spend one of his 9 lives on having a bit of fun with this bulldog!

"This is how you know that it no longer works to spell out V-E-T!" and if you have a cat, you know what this means. And how a cat reacts to hearing the dreaded word: VET!

"I DON'T DO 'CUTE'!" Cats are cute, but not all cats appreciate this label. Just look at this mean-looking male cat. Definitely MALE cat!

"Karate Cat Strikes Back! Kitty's back!...with a black belt and a BAD attitude. DON'T MESS WITH KITTY!" This - I think - is what an Asian CAT karate movie poster would look like.

Kittens are cute - no doubt about that. But old cats are our faithful friends and they deserve to be treated with love and respect and a a lot of care. And they deserve a GOOD LIFE!

October / November:
"MY GOOD SIDE" / "MY EVEN BETTER SIDE" cats. Good is good, but sometimes bad is even better - as demonstrated here by these angel and devil cats.

This cat really seems to enjoy Christmas and all the wonderful, beautiful, shiny Christmas ornaments. Or maybe he just likes to look at the wonderful, beautiful, shiny reflection of himself : )

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Funny cat t-shirt - cat and fridge products: t-shirts, sweatshirt, mousepad

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