Ethereum has the most active developers

Ethereum is by far the most advanced platform, surpassing every other project by far – at least when it comes to active developers.

According to CryptoCodeWatch, the platform has more than twice as many developers as Bitcoin (in the last seven days), more watchers (people watching for code changes), and significantly more stars (popularity).

Only Cardano is the crypto currency that comes close to

However, Cardano is currently building the foundation and must therefore make many onlinebetrug changes, Ethereum on the other hand is a relatively old hand, and yet it is constantly being worked on. These changes are extras that are built on the Ethereum network. Hybrid Casper is one of those extras that makes the mining monopoly of ASIC miners a thing of the past. Another extra is sharding, which is being promoted as the biggest breakthrough since the smart contracts.

In the past, Bitcoin developers have stated that sharding is impossible. But Ethereum developers don’t pay any attention to these statements. Many of them themselves were once actively involved in Bitcoin development. They switched to Ethereum because Bitcoin development was too slow for them to progress.

However, CryptoCodeWatch’s statistics do not include the Lightning network, which is why many activities are not counted. But also Ethereums Raiden is not counted. Ethereum can be described with a single word: synergy. Projects can be seamlessly integrated, increasing the value and benefit of all projects. – Rune Christensen, MakerDAO

Each project contributes to making other Ethereum projects

Every new user of a project could use other services of the network at the same time. And there is not even any need for collaboration between the different projects. Nevertheless, most of the established Ethereum projects work together.

The result of this synergy is, according to Metcalufe’s law, an unbeatable network effect. It is easier to reach the masses if such a cooperation exists.

Whenever a VC or banker asks me which blockchain is interesting, I say: Ethereum has already won. […] If we had decided to use a different blockchain for Maker, we would have significantly less users and liquidity and would have to spend much more time and effort. Perhaps we would not have been able to implement our project at all and would have failed. – Rune Christensen