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"From Mummies to T-shirts: The History of Cats"

- a humorous look at - yes, you guessed it; THE HISTORY OF CATS! Written by yours truly, Martine Carlsen

"Useful Advice For Cats: How To Care For Your Human"

- another humorous cat article by moi, very much inspired by my own two cats, Sonny and Cher. Read it and you'll see why. And how!



Why make a - or I should say aNOTHER - website with cat t-shirts? Well, this is my - or ONE of my - big dreams, and now it's one of my big dreams come true : ) My very own online CAT store. Cats on tshirts, cats on sweatshirts, cats on mugs, cats on mousepads, cats on caps and cats on bags. CATS, CATS, CATS! I love it.

You have probably already guessed by now that I love cats. Yes, I love cats. And of course I HAVE cats... or I should say; I have graciously been adopted by two wonderful silver gray abyssinian cats. They are called Sonny and Cher and they are my number one source of inspiration for all my cat designs. They help me getting the drawings as well as the text or captions for the images just right.

This is Sonny and Cher (and me):

Photo of me with my cats, Sonny and Cher

From left to right: Sonny, moi and Cher!


I hope you enjoy visiting my store as much as I enjoy making it and all the cat designs! And if you decide to buy a tshirt or something from my store, I will toast you with champagne and give my cats a nice, big serving of shrimp to celebrate!

: )
Martine Carlsen

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